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Superfund Amendments and Reauthorizaton Acts

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These were enacted October 17, 1986.  The events that led to the creation of them were the Love Canal Disaster and the environmental contamination of the Valley of the Drums. The Love Canal Disaster was the abandoned canal was being used for a dump of hazardous waste. They company that was doing this covered the dump up with soil and earth and sold it for one dollar. Soon there were houses being developed and even a school was placed on it. Eventually the rain and runoff allowed the acid and toxicities to seep up from the ground and gave many people illnesses such as leukemia.  People also began to see such things as burns and marks on there skins as a result of the toxins. Controvery over this was that it needed to br passed because of the families that lived there and needed there homes back and the new families that would like to live there. They needed to clean it up because the people would wanted to stay there needed to know that they can return soon. These pieces of legislation extended cleanup from the original CERCLA and increased environmental cleanup funding to nine billion dollars and provided studies for the use of new technology.  Data up to December 12, 2005 show that there are still 1,255 sites listed on the Superfund National Priority List. 322 have been delisted and 63 new sites have been proposed. Around seventy percent of the parties that were responsible for the incidents have paid the damages off.  They only have two excuses for not paying and they are if u are unable to pay or if they can not find the party.  Petroleum taxes and chemical industries are how Superfund gets the money they need to pay for the cleanup not paid by the responsible party.

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