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Student Webpages

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First Period AP Environmental Science


Fourth Period AP Environmental Science



Every student enrolled in AP Environmental Science is expected to create a page on the Wiki site which will be used to upload homework assignments and group projects.  Follow the directions below to add a page for yourself. 


  1. Click on the link below for the period in which you have AP Environmental Science.
  2. The first thing you need to do is to create a link to your new page.  On the toolbar to the right, click on "Insert a link to a new page."  This will open a dialog window.  The link type should say "PBWiki Page" and the page should say "New Page."  The third line asks for "Page Name."  For this you need to put your first name and the first initial of your last name.  For example, student John Smith would put on the third line John S.
  3. Click the save button at the bottom of the page.  Your name should now appear as a link on the page (in blue and underlined).
  4. Click on your name and you will be prompted in a new window to "Name Your Page." Again name your page your first name and the first initial of your last name.  Then click on the button to the right that says "Create Page."  
  5. This will take you to the new page for you to update and post with information.
  6. Use the template page below to create you student webpage.


Use the following template to complete the student webpages: Student WebPage Template

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