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Special Aquatic Life Zones 4

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          The mainly consists of trees and shrubs that are near or at sea level.  Mangrove trees have seeds that germinate before falling to the ground.  They sediments from streams and rivers and slow down erosion, which prevents erosion and protects the coastline.  Mangrove trees have special roots that keep the tree and leaves above the water level.  These roots also help filter the salt out of the water for the tree's use.  The mangrove forests are the brreding ground for many creatures such as fish, crabs, shellfish, and mud skippers.  They are also the nesting locations for many kinds of birds and the home to many kinds of shellfish-eating monkeys.


          Mangroves are one of the most threatened biomes.  The roots are very susceptable to pollution.  The magroves concentrate pollutants and over time they kill large areas of magrove trees.  Mangrove wood is also being cut down trees to be used for charcoal.




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