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Noxious Weed Act

Page history last edited by Lauren S 11 years, 3 months ago

Noxious Weed Act- By Lauren Shore


1. The Federal Noxious Weed Act was enacted on January 3, 1975


2. The Noxious Weed Act was enacted because people were afraid their crops and plants would be threatened or even killed by unwated native and non-native weeds.


3. There is no controvery connected to this law because most people are in agreement that they do not want unwanted weeds threatening their crops.


4. The Noxious Weed Act gives the Secretary of Agriculture the authority to declare plants "Noxious Weeds" and limit the spread of them without a permit. The secretary has the right to inspect, seize and destroy any product he sees fit.  He can also quarantine any area to limit the spread of a particular weed.


5. The law has had an impact on many of the states across the U.S.  Many states have even created their own noxious weed acts which apply solely to that state.  For example, Colorado has enacted the Colorado Noxious Weed Act which can only be enforced within Colorado on Colorado plant species. 

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