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My name is Michelle, but people often call me Michely. You'll always see me running to stay in shape and kicking the soccer ball around the field with teammates.  I enrolled myself in APES because i loved enivronmental science when i took the class my freshmen year, and so i thought that this class would be a great experience.  I just really hope to get an A in this class, only if i study my butt off. =] hopefully.



What does the word "sustainable society" mean to you?  Do you believe that it is possible for the society you live in to become a sustainable society within the next 50 years?  

 In my opinion, a sustainable society is a society that is able to keep its economy regulated without any major disruption.  Yes, i do believe that my society is able to become a sustainable society within the next 50 years because 50 years is an abundace amount of time to develope plans to sustain humans without depleting natural resources.


Why could the total amount of animal flesh on the earth never exceed the total amount of plant flesh, even if all animals are vegetarians?

The total amount of animal flesh on the earth could never exceed the total amount of plant flesh because in order for animals to reproduce, they need other animals of the same species in order to have sexual reproduction.  Plants, on the other hand have asexual reproduction which means that their cells divide on their own in order to develope into other species of the same plant. Even if animals are vegetarians and eat plants, there must be enough plants on the earth in order to sustain animal life, or otherwise those animals who are heribores would starve and die.


 What do you think about the idea of restoring large numbers of bison to the plains of North America? Explain.

I think restoring a large quantity of bison on the plains of North America is a brilliant idea because the bison will keep the grass and the rest of the plants alive.  The cattle and sheep intrude onto the land and consume all of the plant life which then causes problem because if there's no more grass, then they can't survive which means they will startve to death.  The bison will maintain that equal balance and thereforth will be a positive addition to the plains of North America.


Explain the five most important features of your population policy.

If i was in charge of the world, first of all, i wouldn't care how many children a family has, it's not up to the government to control the number of family members in a household, even though they are trying to maintain a low population count so that the country doesn't explode. Two, i would allow immigration in because since the world is a melting pot, there shouldn't be any STRICT regulations with foreigners wanting to move into the country.  Three, i would make birth control free to all citizens becasue it's the woman's right to decide to be sexually active or not and not wanting to become fertile if she does decide to engage in sex.  Four, abortions will be prohibited unless the woman was sexually abused and/ raped, and fifth, i think adoption should increase with the fact that so many undeveloped countries are going through a high infant mortality death rate.


In the area that you live, are you most likely to experience an earthquake or a volcanic eruption? What can you do to escape or reduce the harm if such a disaster strikes? What actions can you take if it occurs?

Most likely, an earthquake is most likely to occur in the area that i live in rather than a volcano errupting.  To reduce the harm if an earthquake was formed, buildings should be built more "earthquake resistant" so that they don't collapse and kill thousands of citizens since buildings falling is the primary disaster when earthquakes occur. When one occurs, i wouldn't know what to do, i most likely would run into my closet and crouch inside of it till it was gone.


List 3 important features of your policy when reducing air pollution in your country.

Cars that burn less gas per milage would be built, smoking would be banned forever, and i wouldn't allow forest fires to occur, i'll do my best to prevent them from happening.


 Explain why you are for or against continuing to increase oil imports. What do you believe are the best five ways to reduce oil imports?

I'm for continuing to increase oil imports becuase without it, how will earth run? everything we do involves oil including transportation which is the main reason we use oil for.  The best five ways are to build more fuel-efficient cars, creating new energy sources, reducing use of appliances, use a bike instead of a car to go to work, and stop using so much electricity!


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