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Hanna H

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Hanna H

Class Period

Hobbies and Interests

Activities outside of school

Why I am enrolled in AP Environmental Science?

What I hope to get out of this class.



Imagine that you have the power to violate the law of conservation of energy (the first energy law) for 1 day.  What are the three most important things you would do with this power?


well three most important things i would do with the power to violate the first law of thermodynamics. I would basically be able to do things withough giving energy to get a reaction. Or i could give energy to something and it not react.




Chapter 4:  Why could the total amount of animal flesh on the earth never exceed the total amount of plant flesh, even if all animals are vegetarians?


the total amount of animal flesh couldn't exceed the amount of plant flesh because animals consume each other. The autotrophs make their own food from the environment. And the heterotrophs feed of of other organisms or on the autotrophs




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