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Declaration of the Conference on the Human Environment of 1972 Stockholm Declaration, by Nicole R

Page history last edited by Nicole Ramsey 11 years, 3 months ago

1) In what year was this law enacted? 1972


2) What events or situations led to the enactment of this law? There was a need for international awareness of environmental issues, which was recognized by the United Nations. They met in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss this and set up international views on the environment.


3) What controversy, if any, is or was connected to this law? None now or in the past.


4) What does this law do? It brings ecological concerns to international attention. It is an "Action Plan" or "Code of Environmental Conduct" for all nations to try to abide by in order to help heal our environment and save it from further distruction. Some examples of things it calls for are using natural resources wisely, keeping the population within the carrying capacity, and disposing of toxic waste in a healthy manner.


5) What impacts has this law had? The biggest impact of the conference was that it has brought awareness to the public all around the world about environmental issues. However, the Declaration itself has been a bit ineffective because it hasn’t been implemented to its full potential. The Draft Declaration of Principles on Human Rights and the Environment was guided by it. Because of the meeting that resulted in this law, the United Nations Environment Program was founded.

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